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In a blockchain industry dotted by speculators and schemers, we are here to set the standard for how business gets done.

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Where companies can maximize and enhance virtually any facet of their business through the power of blockchain without fear.

Where regulation and safety are expertly integrated with business growth and ownership.

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A Web3 Platform That is the Next Generation of E‑commerce

Consumer brands of all sizes can build custom ecosystems to own more of their customer relationships all the way from the supply chain to consumer purchases.

These flexible buildouts provide greater trust and security, increased control and customization, ownership of first party data, and tokenization of assets, to future proof a business while increasing revenue opportunities.

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Staking Solutions

BridgeTower staking allows institutional investors to seamlessly participate in staking rewards on public blockchains in a unique and regulatory compliant manner. They are offered in compliance with applicable laws and regulation to allow purchasers to receive the rewards associated with a staked utility token.

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Private Equity Investing

Bridgetower is a hybrid-private equity firm. We complement our proprietary technology platform and Market with tradition Private Equity partnerships including cash investments and operational advisory services such as business operations, finance, product development, technology advising, marketing, legal/regulatory and talent acquisition. Bridgetower investment candidates are early-stage growth companies who, in addition to cash are seeking a foundational Web3 technology platform customized for use in exchange for revenue sharing and/or equity.

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We were impressed with the breadth of the capabilities of the BridgeTower platform and the deep expertise of their team. MoonPay's vision has always been the enabling of access to the Web3 economy by simplifying the user experience to ultimately onboard a billion users to Web3. Our exclusive partnership with BridgeTower will accelerate that vision. We are thrilled to support BridgeTower as an investor and partner in delivering a best-in-class institutional grade marketplace.

Abhay Mavalankar

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Our vision is a place where businesses thrive, innovation knows no bounds, and the potential of blockchain technology becomes a reality for all.

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