Turnkey Staking

Bridgetower Offers a World Class White Label Staking Platform

Bridgetower has developed a comprehensive staking technology platform offering customer's seamless access to stake to many of the world's top blockchains. The platform is expressly designed to be white- labeled for firms seeking a customized staking solution for their customers. Bridgetower's turnkey staking is managed and operated in-house on behalf of the client.
Bridgetower Adhears to Strict Regulatory Standards

All customers must pass KYC/KYB registration.

Delegate white-listed custodial wallets integrated with Anti-money laundering software.

Proof-of-Reserves ensure transparency of all transactions.

Bridgetower Never Holds Customer Assets

Bridgetower has no access to customer wallets.

Blockchains pay rewards directly to customer wallets.

No pooling of customer funds.

Bridgetower Offers Intuitive Dashboards
Centralized Dashboard displaying all staked assets.

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