Web3 Commerce Platform

Creating the next generation of commerce built on the world's top blockchains

Built on Bridgetower's proprietary technology stack, we are integrating the best of Web3 technologies to offer a customizable “chassis” to create their home for your brand's next generation of commerce. These custom brand marketplaces offer KYC/KYB, proof of reserves, wallet generation and whitelisting, NFT self-minting tooling, and brand communities that can include educational materials, social forums, along with metaverse and AI integrations.
Digital Ownership and Provenance
We offer a secure and transparent way for creators and buyers to establish and verify ownership of digital assets and allow brands and content creators to protect their intellectual property by authenticating the uniqueness of their creations.
Monetization and primary Market
We enable creators to monetize their digital content including artwork, music, videos, and virtual real estate, by selling it as digital representation. Additionally, the primary market for digital representation allows both creators and buyers to benefit from the appreciation in value of these digital assets over time.
Programmability and Smart Contracts
Our blockchain platform supports smart contracts allowing for programmable functionality. Digital representation creators and developers can embed specific rules that enhance the potential for automated and fair compensation mechanisms, benefitting creators and ensuring a sustainable ecosystem.

We Provide an Exclusive, Simple and Secure Way to Collect Digital Representation

Regulated Marketplace
On Ramping
Carbon Footprint

Regulated Marketplace

Our marketplaces have dedicated sections that are customized to each brand complete with educational material, social forum, podcasts, and a primary trading platform ensuring KYC/KYB, Proof of Reserves, and confidence the NFT is an original record on the blockchain.

On Ramping

The Bridgetower Market utilizes best-in-class Web3 technologies to seamlessly and simply on and off ramp fiat, cryptocurrency and credit card transactions easily for its users.

ESG Friendly

Bridgetower’s Marketplace is designed with ESG sensitivities, and our applications and blockchain infrastructure is prioritizing renewable energy, where possible.

We believe in scaling inclusive digital ecosystems in alignment with the UN Digital Strategy and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) whereby digital is an empowering force for people and planet.

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Our vision is a place where businesses thrive, innovation knows no bounds, and the potential of blockchain technology becomes a reality for all.