Private Equity Venture Building

Investing Through the Eyes of Experienced Business Operators

Bridgetower invests in companies aligning with Bridgetower core offerings and where it can add value to their business by offsetting upfront build costs and/or transitioning the customer from a current e-commerce platform to the Bridgetower Market. In return, Bridgetower seeks equity ownership, revenue sharing and ongoing use costs associated with the Bridgetower commerce platform.
Bridgetower currently partners with many of the world's largest Blockchains providing visibility to many of their top companies and projects. The Bridgetower investment model is based on utilizing its core suite of offerings and targeting companies with good products but lacking a global commerce platform, tenured executive team and access to top tier partners.
Bridgetower Invests In

Companies that can add value to Bridgetower's core offerings.

Early stage Web3 and blockchain business with a mid-term, high-growth mindset.

Early stage Web3 and blockchain business with a mid-term, high-growth mindset.
Bridgetower Invests In

Early-stage companies with a strong management team.

Early-stage companies with a unique product offering.

Bridgetower Invests

Capital and/or technology development costs related to its core technology in exchange for combinations of equity, revenue shares or technology build costs.

In companies committed to participating exclusively on the Bridgetower Market when applicable to portfolio companies.

Bridgetower Portfolio Companies

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Our vision is a place where businesses thrive, innovation knows no bounds, and the potential of blockchain technology becomes a reality for all.
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